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Happy Librarian Challenge Days 1 and 2

I am making an attempt to complete and document my path as I complete the “Happy Librarian Challenge.”

Day 1: Weed a section of your library

Seeing as my 6th grade students just started their desktop country project and 7th grade just started their travel brochures of Europe, I had been going through my country books. I had some books from the 1960’s and 1970’s, so I went through and looked at our older books and made sure we had newer resources in our country book section.

I cannot express how mentally clensing it was to look at the section and know that it was slightly more up to date. I found some really gems while weeding! There were resources on East Germany and Rhodesia mixed in with books on the middle east from the early 1960’s. Weeding may not always be a high priority, but it is good for the soul.

Day 2: Try a new tech tool (Kizoa)

I went into Kizoa, which is a free graphic design tool. Compared to Canva, I didn’t find it as user friendly.I think the interface looks like a 1990’s fancy version of paint.  Not all the features were intiuitve and I struggled to undo my work if I didn’t like how an image turned out. After a bit of tinkering, here is my design.