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Book Review: The Mark of the Dragonfly

The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

mark of dragonfly

Published by Random House Children’s Book in 2014.

Piper lives in Scrap town 16 eeking out a living repairing whatever falls during a meteor shower. Her father died a few years ago and she just does enough to survive. Her friend Micah sneaks out during a meteor storm and she rushes out to make sure he isn’t harmed. They watch a caravan get hit my a meteor and Piper goes to see if there are any survivors. She takes an injured Anna to her home to help her heal. Just when she thought they were safe, a man comes in looking for Anna. The man gives Anna and Piper a bad feeling, so they go on the run.

mark of dragonfly charactersPiper notices that Anna has the mark of the dragonfly on her, the mark given to the King’s inner circle. She realizes that she has to get Anna to the castle to get her to safety. They sneak on the train that runs shipments to the capital, the 401. Unfortunatly, the train has defenses to prevent people from stowing away. They get on the train, dodge the razor blades, and flames about to come out of the vent, when they stop. They are stopped by a mysterious green-eyed guard. Just as they are about to be thrown off the train, Piper shows the guard Anna’s tattoo. Gee, the guard, gives them a room and they begin their journey.

The mysterious man who we later learn is Doloman, continues to purse Anna. Piper  teams up with the crew members of the 401, Jeyne, Gee, and Trimble to keep Anna safe. Along the way, we learn that there is more to every person that meets the eye.