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Happy Librarian Challenge

My student workers saw my print-out of “The Happy Librarian Challenge” and asked, “Did you stop doing this, because weren’t we supposed to get food during one day of the challenge.” I love my student helpers, because they keep me honest and motivated! I had fallen off the wagon because of paperwork and other projects turning into distractions, but now we’re back to working on the “Happy Librarian Challenge.”

Day 6: Wear fun book-ish socks. Shockingly, I didn’t get a picture of this. It was character day at school, so I decided that I’d dress as a librarian. (because, let’s be honest…all librarians are characters) To pull this off, I rocked my book dress. To make it more fun, there is a reading teacher who “hates” this outfit, so we send kids to relay messages to each others. I send her kids with compliments about my dress, she sends me kids with messages about what 20-somethings should be wearing. It’s fun to add a little silly-ness in the day.

Day 7: Host a literary gathering during lunch. I have a group of 7th graders that eat lunch with me occasionally for a book club. Right now, we’re reading Heroes of the Holocaust and having some great conversations. What I appreciate about this group is that is it is a student driven group. They approached me about making a book club and are always providing ideas to move the group forward.

During 8th grade lunch, I met with my Reading competition kids. We are trying to work through 30-something books for our reading competition in March, and they are rocking it. They have so much fun talking about the books they’re read!

Day 8: Get up and Move. We recently started a walking club afterschool. There are few of us who walk for an hour afterschool.

Day 9:Play some music. I love listening to music while I work on stuff afterschool. This Thursday, I enjoyed the Goat Rodeo Sessions.

Day 10: Listen to an audiobook. I’ve been enjoying Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett lately.

I may be doing things out of order, but I’m glad that I got back on the train making progress on this.



Happy Librarian Challenge Days 3, 4, 5

Happy weekend all! As I continue my path on the “Happy Librarian Challenge, here are how days 3, 4, and 5 went.

Wednesday-The challenge that recommends creating a color station seemed really neat. I let my student helpers create it for me. They had a blast finding pictures. We brainstrormed and they agreed with my suggestion that we wait to put them out. Our coloring station will go out during state testing and end of the year final time. Although they made a great poster and found a fun variety of images!

*For those of you who run out of to-do piles for your student helpers, I think they enjoyed doing this. Now, any time they run out of stuff in my helper pile, they can have fun with this ongoing project!


Friday-Read a book I want to read! I read Alice in Tumblr-land by Tim Manley

alice in tumblr

Published by Penguin in 2013, Alice in Tumblr-Land is a retelling of fairy tales for a new generation. I really enjoyed the fact that each “story” was a few paragraphs with a picture, but this also worked against it. The book bounced from fairy tale to fairy tale, covering stories multiple times. I didn’t have the time to go through and see if each story was connecting to each other. It felt like each page had a joke and a punch line, but each joke wasn’t connected.

Overall, this was an entertaining coffee table book. I like that you can open up and get a giggle after reading 2 pages. Reading this book in one sitting is a little painful. The morals and themes of the story get repetitive very quickly, and I didn’t have the energy to remember the different storylines as the story went along.

Happy Librarian Challenge Days 1 and 2

I am making an attempt to complete and document my path as I complete the “Happy Librarian Challenge.”

Day 1: Weed a section of your library

Seeing as my 6th grade students just started their desktop country project and 7th grade just started their travel brochures of Europe, I had been going through my country books. I had some books from the 1960’s and 1970’s, so I went through and looked at our older books and made sure we had newer resources in our country book section.

I cannot express how mentally clensing it was to look at the section and know that it was slightly more up to date. I found some really gems while weeding! There were resources on East Germany and Rhodesia mixed in with books on the middle east from the early 1960’s. Weeding may not always be a high priority, but it is good for the soul.

Day 2: Try a new tech tool (Kizoa)

I went into Kizoa, which is a free graphic design tool. Compared to Canva, I didn’t find it as user friendly.I think the interface looks like a 1990’s fancy version of paint.  Not all the features were intiuitve and I struggled to undo my work if I didn’t like how an image turned out. After a bit of tinkering, here is my design.