Book Review: Race to the Bottom of the Sea

Race to the Bottom of the Sea by Lindsay Eager

race to bottom

Published by Candlewick Press, expected release date 10/17.

Fidelia’s parents are successful scientists studying sharks, and are killed in a freak story when the submarine capsized. Fidelia feels responsible, because she encouraged them to put off coming the the surfaceand the submarine was one she designed. While staying with her aunt, a trio of pirates led by Merrick the Monstrous come to rob her home and kidnap her. In order to earn her freedom, she has to go underwater to a cave with poisoned flowers to retrieve a lost treasure. As they get closer to the cave, Fidelia learns the backstory of the pirates. It turns out that there is more to Merrick than meets the eye. Will they successfully find the treasure? What is Merrick’s secret?

One thing I struggled with was the geography. When I read contemporary books, I try and look at where in the world the story takes place and to be aware of the culture when reading. I had a hard time figuring out where in the world the story takes place. Some preliminary searches of some of the locations in this book produced limited results. The author does a good of blending modern life with the traditional notion of pirates, but it didn’t jive when you look at modern day piracy.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It blends modern life and the folklore that our teens love with “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


“Sorry was a blanket that left your feet cold, a thin soup that couldn’t fill the aching hunger in your bones. Sorry was the only thing people could offer, and it was a cruel, false replacement for what she had lost.” (p. 206)

“What’s life without a few scars?” (p. 228)

“people don’t always act the way you expect them to.” (p.268)

*I recieved this ARC from the publisher, I recieved no monetary compensation for this review. Quotes may change in the final publication.



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