Tech Review: Cedar Point VR

Our science classes were studying force and motion, and were looking for something new to add to their lessons. We decided to try Cedar Point’s VR app that previews their roller coaster “The Valravn.”


The kids loved it! We started by showing them what they would ride. We rode the ride and used information from the ride’s wikipedia page to calculate different aspects of force and motion.

For students (and librarians) who are prone to motion sickness, the google cardboard interface is not as disorienting as higher end models. The kids are good at knowing what works best for them, (to use glasses/not use glasses if they have vision issues or when to stop because it makes them dizzy)


In other apps, students get distracted by bystanders. This app has you riding the roller coaster by yourself. You are able to see the scenery and enjoy the full experience.

My only complaint is that the ride doesn’t start you facing forward. It is already oriented to start a certain direction. The app starts by looking at the start button, and they don’t realize that they can look around. We adapted quickly, but I felt bad for the kids that were new to VR and didn’t look around.


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