Book Review: Pilfer Academy

Pilfer Academy by Lauren Magaziner


Published by Penguin Young Readers Group in 2016

George comes from a big family, so he tends to get into mischief. This mischievous streak gets him noticed by Pilfer Academy. Now, most academies may send acceptance letters to their students…not Pilfer Academy. Pilfer Academy is a school for thieves, so they steal all of their students. George is lured in by an ice cream truck and winds up at a school where the teachers seem like bumbling goofs and everyone is willing to sabotage each other. He befriends Tabitha and she guides him through all the quirks of Pilfer Academy.

The story is fun and fast paced, with interesting characters. George and Tabitha are loyal, likable characters. The teachers care, but they sometimes seem odd. One teacher messes up words when he gets excited. Although it was an entertaining read, it didn’t feel like an original concept.


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