Alien Invasion! Using STEM programming as teambuilding

One activity that I have had so much fun with is my “alien invasion activity.”This activity could be done with any STEM challenge, it’s more focused on teambuilding and communication

“Knowing your strengths”

Students are put into groups and told to assess their strengths, they can choose to be tactile (good with fixing things) or verbal (good at explaining). The group should be half tactile and half verbal.

<cue plot twist>

The aliens are not friendly. If you want them to leave you alone, you must fix their spaceship…but the verbal people cannot speak, and the tactile people cannot touch.

Fixing the Spaceship

Each student gets a manila folder with a spaceship outline, a battery, 2 wires with the ends stripped, tin foil, a Christmas light bulb, and electrical tape. They have to make a circuit that goes around the perimeter of the spaceship and gets the bulb to light.


The finished product!

In Reflection

Using your weakness can be difficult, but it’s something we have to do in life. Not only does this activity teach about circuits, conductors and insulators, but encourages students to grow as a learner.



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