The Mystery Box: Museum Edition

As librarians we LOVE primary source documents! A few years back, we converted a spare room into a museum and work with local organizations to help history come to life. We’ve been lucky enough to build a strong relationship with our local historical society.


I love my Exploratorium, but I HATE making labels for the items. I realized, I could turn this into a great chance for students to explore on their own. Hence: “The Mystery Box!”

mystery box

The mystery box has 14 items from our historical society. Students are given a sheet to see what they can observe, what they can infer, and what they think the item is.

Due to space constraints, we can only fit half a class in the museum, so we offset that with an essay question about what museums exhibits say about the culture of our area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you figure out what the items in our mystery box are?


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