Book Review: Cosmic Catastrophes

Cosmic Catastrophes: Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth by David A. Aguilar

cosmic catastrophes.jpg

Published by Viking and Smithsonian in 2016.

“Our ‘Pale Blue Dot,’ as the legendary planetary scientist Carl Sagan used to call Earth, is small but mighty. There may be obstacles ahead, but our planet has survived big messes before, and this…orb..has shown resilience and awesome staying power.” -pg 73

Aguilar provides a fun to read book about different ways our planet could cease to exist. Many other books that face this topic test to read like a conspiracy theory or sound far fetched, but this book provides readers with a healthy balance of exploring the potential of disaster in a researched, balanced, and calm tone. The author has fun with exploring likely catastrophes but keeps the likelihood of these events happening in perspective.

From the well known idea of asteroid strike to alien invasion to black holes and supernovas, this book provides a variety of known and less well known potential disasters. Aguilar bases his research in history, archaeology, and science to help make his case. Kids and teens will love this book!

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I received no monetary compensation for this review.


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