Tech Review: Ghostery

Are you concerned about your digital footprint? Are you worried about clicking on click-bait and people getting access to your cookies? Ghostery is the tool for you!


Ghostery is a browser extension that allows you to track who is tracking you! You can block all trackers, or you can select certain trackers to allow (like twitter widgets and wordpress stats). This browser extension is user friendly and operates in the background without being a distraction.

I’ve been using ghostery for 3 years, I love the fact that I have control over who is watching my internet usage. Librarians are all about transparancy, and this tool encourages users to be more thoughtful in their internet search habits. Some websites can have 20+ trackers.

Every time you open a website, it tells you how many sites are tracking you and tells you what trackers. Some folks block all trackers, others will customize it so some websites can gather statistical data.


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