Book Review: Copper Gauntlet

The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

copper gauntlet

Published by Scholastic Press in 2015.

After the intense ending of The Iron Trial, I had so many kids excited about this series. They wanted to break down my library doors to get a copy of this. I finally got a chance to read this! and I’m agree with the kids!

After leaving the Magesterium, Callum Hunt is not happy to be at home. He’s convinced that his father knows that Costantine Madden’s soul lives in Call’s body. After an unsettling discovery, Call runs away to spend the rest of the summer with Tamera and Aaron.

Once they go back to school, Call’s father is accused of stealing the Alkahest, a device that can seperate mages and their magic. Call teams up with Tamera, Aaron, and (unfortunately) Jasper. After meeting with some hippie mages who study chaos animals, and being chased by elementals, our heroes meet back up with Master Jasper.

This series is a must have for every middle grade library! This story is fast paced, and action packed. I know that when I read it, I imagined that the authors were spending time at a bar and were participating in a thought exercise. “What if Harry Potter knew about the evil within himself thoughtout the whole story?” Then they crafted a story with a main character with an evil being’s soul embedded in him, and gave him a band of loyal friends and send him to magic school. This story has it’s own voice and it’s own path. But once you see the comparison, it’s hard to unsee.


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