Tech review: Instagrok

Do you get tired of reading walls of text while doing a search? Try something new with InstaGrok!


InstaGrok is a search engine that produces concept maps.instagrok

Each word has a variety of resources sorted into media that can be pinned onto the concept map.


In addition, you can adjust the difficulty (harder words versus easier terms)

Students can log in using their Google Docs account or use Instagrok without a login.

We enjoyed using this in class because it was great to see how all of our research terms are connected. In addition, instagrok only provides a limited number of results, so it allows for exploratory research in a way that is not overwhelming. It also provides a variety of types of search results. (videos, key terms, websites, facts).

This tech tool can be used to begin the research process and find a topic. It can also be used for introducing a concept. We used instagrok to search about science topics. We then took the words from our concept map and made a wordsplash. (where they write a passage about their topic using the words from the concept map).


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