Tech Review: Geoguessr

Looking for a game that tests awareness of  inference skills, biology, and geography? Look no further, because geoguessr is the game for you!


Geoguessr uses Google Street view to place you at a random place in the world.You then have to guess where you are, with the goal of trying to get as close as possible.


Students use context clues to guess where they are at. They can guess what biome they are in, what language is on the street signs, what side of the road the cars drive on, what plants are around, and weather.

google streetview.PNG

One thing that has been eye opening has been what other parts of the world look like. We may think that a location would be in America or England, and it turns out that it’s somewhere in South America. It is amazing how many places are similar and how our stereotypical ideas of different countries are not what these places look like. When I first started playing, I was amazed how wrong I with most of the questions.

Our science and social studies teachers have been having so much fun with this game! We’ve used it as a productive time filler for after labs and other activities, and it’s amazing to listen to the student’s thought process when they are guessing. The critical thinking skills they are using, while they are thinking they are playing a game are incredible.




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One thought on “Tech Review: Geoguessr

  1. Humble Dave August 8, 2016 at 4:23 pm Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s so much fun to virtually explore random places throughout the world! I have also learned that I’m terrible at geography, and should never give directions. Ever.


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