Maker Monday

We’ve had to take a month off from Maker club due to scheduling issue, but this week we were back with a BANG! After a succesful Skype visit with another school in February, we rewarded their good behavior. They were able to make Jolly Rancher Roses.

How to make Jolly Rancher Roses


Some of our examples are above.

Supplies needed: Jolly Ranchers, Hot Water, Sticks (we were cheap and used popsicle sticks, wasn’t the most ideal), plastic to wrap the finished product in (plastic baggies), gloves, pot to store hot water, slotted spoons, and wet wipes.

Our thoughts:We loved this activity! I should have brought more than one pot for hot water. We learned that you should only take the jolly ranchers out of the water one time. If they harden too quickly, we were able to throw them back in the water.

PDE Standards: S8.C.1.1.2 Use characteristic physical or chemical properties to distinguish one substance from another (melting points)

Morse Code Activity

Instructions: Find a printout that translates Morse Code. Explain what Morse code it/how it developed. Looking for a way to introduce this? Here’s a funny video that has Morse Code being used in a prank ( Students are then challenged to write a secret message in Morse Code.

Then, students can put their secret messages into the translator ( and their friends can try and guess the secret message.

Supplies needed: Printout with Morse Code language, computer, paper, pencil.

Our thoughts:Overall, it went very well. We focused on figuring out the first letter of each word in order to figure out the message successfully. We kept our messages to 3 words, because if they were longer it became to hard to figure out.

PDE Standards: 3.4.3.E4 Recognize that information and communication technology is the transfer of messages among people and/or machines over distances through the use of technology


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