Tech Tools Review: Bunkr

We had an inservice and we decided to have teachers present about what they learned at the Association for Middle Level Educators (AMLE) Conference. Overall, it was a great day! The presenters had fun and everyone enjoyed the presentations.

Our tech coach challenged us to use a new presentation tool. Other people had taken the tools I wanted to feature, so I jumped outside of what I was familiar with. I did a few google searches limiting the date of the article to articles published within the year. One or two articles mentioned Bunkr, so I decided this would be a good chance to try it.


Bunkr is a presentation tool that embeds various web 2.0 apps into your presentation easily and in a way that is visually appealing.

Bunkr states that it is still in Beta, and we should keep this in mind while using it.

When considering ease of use, Bunkr is fairly intuitive. It allows you to pick the web 2.0 tool you want to embed in your presentation. Looking at reviews, I was under the impression that the embedded webpages would update like an RSS feed in your presentation. I was wrong. When I embedded Twitter, Pinterest, Padlet, the embedded file only provided the profile pictures. Canva produces a product that is stagnant, so there was no worry about updated images. I felt like I would have had better luck just using screenshots for the purpose of my presentation.

From an editing standpoint, Bunkr limits you to a handful of layouts. It takes a while of clicking around to find a way to get the layout to change once you picked a layout. From an educator standpoint, I don’t see the difference between this and other popular presentation tools.

If you have the ability to send your presentation to your audience ahead of time through a website, Google Classroom, or another method, it can be useful for them to follow along. Compared to Nearpod and Peardeck, it was not as easy.

Overall, this was a novel tool to try, but not one that I’m going to convert my presentations into. There are too many similarities to other programs and the features that set it apart are not worth changing my classroom presentations. Also, since Bunkr is in beta, there is no generic help page to guide users, but they are very receptive when you reach out to them on Twitter.



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