Happy Librarian Challenge

My student workers saw my print-out of “The Happy Librarian Challenge” and asked, “Did you stop doing this, because weren’t we supposed to get food during one day of the challenge.” I love my student helpers, because they keep me honest and motivated! I had fallen off the wagon because of paperwork and other projects turning into distractions, but now we’re back to working on the “Happy Librarian Challenge.”

Day 6: Wear fun book-ish socks. Shockingly, I didn’t get a picture of this. It was character day at school, so I decided that I’d dress as a librarian. (because, let’s be honest…all librarians are characters) To pull this off, I rocked my book dress. To make it more fun, there is a reading teacher who “hates” this outfit, so we send kids to relay messages to each others. I send her kids with compliments about my dress, she sends me kids with messages about what 20-somethings should be wearing. It’s fun to add a little silly-ness in the day.

Day 7: Host a literary gathering during lunch. I have a group of 7th graders that eat lunch with me occasionally for a book club. Right now, we’re reading Heroes of the Holocaust and having some great conversations. What I appreciate about this group is that is it is a student driven group. They approached me about making a book club and are always providing ideas to move the group forward.

During 8th grade lunch, I met with my Reading competition kids. We are trying to work through 30-something books for our reading competition in March, and they are rocking it. They have so much fun talking about the books they’re read!

Day 8: Get up and Move. We recently started a walking club afterschool. There are few of us who walk for an hour afterschool.

Day 9:Play some music. I love listening to music while I work on stuff afterschool. This Thursday, I enjoyed the Goat Rodeo Sessions.

Day 10: Listen to an audiobook. I’ve been enjoying Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett lately.

I may be doing things out of order, but I’m glad that I got back on the train making progress on this.




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