Maker Monday

As my library embarks on its journey in makerspaces, I’ve noticed that there is a lack of activities tagged as “maker” activities. I am documenting our successful activities and posting our thoughts. In addition to that, I’ve also provided Pennsylvania state standards to help teachers and librarians starting their maker voyage.

Maker Monday.jpg

~~3D Book~~

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed: Red and Blue Markers, paper, 3D glasses

Our thoughts: I thought this activity would be too simple for middle school and they would be bored, but the kids loved it! I just put the markers out and told them that I wanted them to draw a 3D picture. Once their drawing was finished, I let them put on the glasses. Then, once they saw their finished product, they all asked to draw another picture to accentuate the 3D effects.

We had luck if they drew a picture in one color and then outlined it in the other color.

PDE Standards: 9.1.8.A Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works (form/shape)

3.4.7.C2 Explain how modeling, testing, evaluating, and modifying are used to transform ideas into practical solutions.


~~Simple Robotic hand~~

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed:Cardstock (or manila folders), string, straws, tape, scissors

Our thoughts: This was an activity where I showed them the finished product and talked about animatronics that are often used in Disney rides and basic robotics. Some of the early versions that the kids made were to stiff, they did a great job of working together to fix each others problems.

PDE Standards:10.1.6.B Identify and describe the structure and function of the major body systems. (muscular and skeletal)


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