Happy Librarian Challenge Days 3, 4, 5

Happy weekend all! As I continue my path on the “Happy Librarian Challenge, here are how days 3, 4, and 5 went.

Wednesday-The challenge that recommends creating a color station seemed really neat. I let my student helpers create it for me. They had a blast finding pictures. We brainstrormed and they agreed with my suggestion that we wait to put them out. Our coloring station will go out during state testing and end of the year final time. Although they made a great poster and found a fun variety of images!

*For those of you who run out of to-do piles for your student helpers, I think they enjoyed doing this. Now, any time they run out of stuff in my helper pile, they can have fun with this ongoing project!


Friday-Read a book I want to read! I read Alice in Tumblr-land by Tim Manley

alice in tumblr

Published by Penguin in 2013, Alice in Tumblr-Land is a retelling of fairy tales for a new generation. I really enjoyed the fact that each “story” was a few paragraphs with a picture, but this also worked against it. The book bounced from fairy tale to fairy tale, covering stories multiple times. I didn’t have the time to go through and see if each story was connecting to each other. It felt like each page had a joke and a punch line, but each joke wasn’t connected.

Overall, this was an entertaining coffee table book. I like that you can open up and get a giggle after reading 2 pages. Reading this book in one sitting is a little painful. The morals and themes of the story get repetitive very quickly, and I didn’t have the energy to remember the different storylines as the story went along.


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