More Makerspace Activities

Looking for some more low tech Makerspace activities for your kids? Here are some that we’ve had luck with!

~~Code your name~~

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed:String, 3 different color beads.

Our thoughts: We really enjoyed this activity. I found a handout to help students write out the code for each letter of their names and figure out what it would be in binary code. The kids loved it. They had the choice to make a necklace or a keychain!

PDE Standards:  3.4.6.E4

Illustrate how communication systems are made up of a source, encoder, transmitter, receiver, decoder, and destination.

binary beads.JPG

~~Foam stamp blocks~~

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed: Blocks, scissors, styrofoam plates (or foam, but plates are significantly cheaper), masking tape, and paint.

Our thoughts: We had fun with this. The students made stamps and we worked together to make mosaic-like tiles as a class. Our first instinct was to make detailed carvings and used a lot of paint on our plates, but we discoved that a simple carving with a light coat of paint worked very well.

When I introduce this activity, I use this opportunity to introduce the history of the “arts and crafts movement” and the Roycroft Artisan Community (

PDE Standards: 9.1.8.A Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities. (color • form/shape • line • space • texture)


9.2.8.C Relate works in the arts to varying styles and genre and to the periods in which they were created



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