Book Review: Woof

Woof by Spencer Quinn


Published by Scholastic in 2015

 The story begins with Birdie Gaux and her grandmother getting a new dog. Bowser, the dog, provides us with a variety of details about the dog pound he’s in. The beginning of the story is a little tricky, because it’s told from Bowser’s perspective. Although as the story goes on, it adds an extra layer of detail because of the unique things that Bower notices.

Birdie’s grandmother is not the warmest and fuzziest human being on the planet. She runs a bait and tackle shop where Birdie helps out. They walk in and the employee working at the moment is asleep. Grammy notices that her prized stuffed marlin is missing. It seems all is lost, but Bowser and Birdie are on the case!

Birdie first wants to find out why this Marlin is so special. Grammy is being suspicously quiet, so Birdie begins poking around town. It turns out might be a treasure map hidden in the fish’s eye.

In a fast paced adventure, Bowser and Birdie try and get to the bottom of this mystery!


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