Makerspace Activity Ideas

The maker movement is taking off in our library, and I wanted to share some activities and resources that have been successful for us so far. I present my makerspace as “maker challenge” time. I provide the resources, a description or picture of the end product, and let them go with minimal instruction. The kids love puzzling through these challenges.


  1. Making a duck call out of straws.

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed: Straws and scissors

Our thoughts:We love this activity! The kids had a blast thinking of ways to get the straw to make the necessary noise. A lot of creativity came out and a lot of teamwork resulted from this.

With one of our groups, the music teacher popped in to relay a message. Once he realized what we were doing, he quickly made one successfully and gave the kids some hints based on what he had taught them about instruments in music class.

Science connections:S7.C.3.1 Explain the principles of force and motion


2. Catapults!

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed: Rubber Bands and Popsicle sticks

Our thoughts: I loved all the innovative designs that our students came up with.We began with the challenge of having students use the supplies available to create a catapult that can send a small item the farthest. Once we were ready to test their designs, we show them the ideal design and test theirs versus the design above.

Science connections: Simple machines. Standard – 10.5.6.E  Identify and use scientific principles that affect basic movement and skills using appropriate vocabulary.


3. Popsicle stick throwing stars

Instructions can be found here:

Supplies needed: Popsicle sticks

Our thoughts: This was an activity found by one of our 8th grade students. It was extremely well recieved and much harder than expected. Even with showing the instructional video, it took a while for students to successfully even make a simple star. It was incredibly entertaining to see the stars fall apart when they hit the hard target.

Science connections: 3.2.8.B2 Identify situations where kinetic energy is transformed into potential engery and vice versa.


Standards included come from PDE SAS (


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