Book Review: The Colossus Rises

The Colussus Rises by Peter Lerangis

Colussus Rises

Published by HarperCollins in 2013.

Jack wakes up one morning to find an odd marking on the back of his head. He notices that he’s been feeling ill and starts noticing odd things. Suddenly, he’s in the hospital, seriously ill. Two men help him and he blacks out.

He wakes up on a mysterious island. He realizes he is at the Karai Institute, and without the medical care of Professor Bhegad, he and others will die when they turn 14, (in 6 months). With Bhegad’s care, he and the other kids will become super humans. In order to survive, Jack, Cass, Marco, and Aly must find Loculuses hidden within the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Jack and his new friends are suspicious of Bhegad and the Karai Institute (KI). They understand the delicate balance that they are in, but don’t know if KI is being completely openly and honest. Also, Jack, Cass, Marco, and Aly aren’t quite sure that they trust each other.

This book is fast paced that keeps the reader guessing. Some students may not be familar with the mythology associated with Atlantis and the Seven Wonders, but it’s great for students to expand their interests within fantasy.


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