Tech Tools: Nearpod

Are you getting sick of PowerPoint? Try Nearpod!

Many teachers use the clickers to interact with flipcharts on our Promethean Boards, but sometimes the clickers act up or don’t connect.

Nearpod allows students to log in to the presentation using their devices. Each presentation is given a unique code that they can punch into the nearpod website or app.

nearpod pin

Teachers can create presentations that have polls for students. Teacher can embed multiple choice quizzes, open ended responses, or other activities.

What I love about this program is it can be used with any type of advice. This is super useful for school implementing “Bring Your Own Device” Programs.

I also love that this program forces teachers to use images that are not violating copyright.

Even though I love this tool,  I don’t know if it would work for my building, because it would force my teachers to recreate many of their presentations in order to fully utilize the interactive features. Also, the free version only allows for 30 people to interact with your presentation.

*In the interest of full disclosure, due to lack of devices and current policies regarding students using personal devices, I have not been able to use this tool in the classroom. I have used it in various presentations and loved it when I used it.



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