Summer Reading

This year, the reading department and I worked to have the students create their own summer reading list.

The 6th grade reading department posted buckets and encouraged students to put titles on the buckets to fill their teacher’s buckets. I then took their recommendations and put them on bookmarks based on genre. Students took the bookmarks home over the summer.

Then we teamed up with student council. They agreed to buy some Dairy Queen gift certificate as a prize. Any students who read a book off of the list can circle it on the bookmark. All students who turn in bookmarks will be entered into a raffle for Dairy Queen gift certificates.

The 7th and 8th grade reading department let me come into their classrooms and ask for recommendations. I then put the recommendations on the bulletin board below with a flip flop theme.

flip flops“It may not be flip flop weather, but it’s always reading weather”

Overall, I was impressed with the variety of recommendations that I recieved. It wasn’t just Wimpy Kid and Hunger Games. Recommendations ranged from The Outsiders to One Came Home. This incentive was low key, low stress for the teachers, and promoted a dialogue about reading for the students.


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