Taking a day for thankfulness

Sometimes I find it scary to be in a collaborative setting. It’s tough to rely on other people to want to use your and your library resources, yet in my building, I’m lucky enough to have co-workers who promote my program. These phenomenal teachers are willing to ask for resources, encourage their students to come to the library, sign out the library for time, and deal with me being overly pushy with promoting my ideas.

All of the positive press that have been coming out of the programming that the Ferguson Public Library produced in recent months, has forced me to think about what Scott Bonner has been able to with limited resources. In the library world, sometimes we feel isolated on our own islands. We think of ourselves as a one woman or one man show. Mr. Bonner and Ferguson showed that a passionate leader can empower a small group  to provide great programming for many. That inspires me to do the best I can for my school. Sometimes we get bogged down in the day to day issues we have, but sometimes we have to drive ourselves to build our programs into something that empowers our schools and communities.

But then I remember that I’m not just a one woman show. I have great support from my coworkers and I’m lucky to have that.


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